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Faith and Forgiveness

Explore the inspiring story of a Korean orphan boy adopted to the USA and how forgiveness and Christian faith helped him overcome challenges. Discover how his story can change your life.

Meet the Authors
Asian American authors David and Ani Pearman

David Pearman, mechanical engineer turned educator, embodies resilience and faith through his remarkable life odyssey from a Korean orphanage to an American home. His story showcases his triumph over trials through unwavering faith. As a man of faith, David was compelled to share his spiritual testament of God’s hand in his life. His narrative is a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of forgiveness and redemption in shaping one's destiny.

Ani Pearman, co-author and devoted wife of David, brings a unique perspective to their shared passion for writing David’s autobiography. Her deep insights from meticulous research and her background in cross-cultural experiences enrich David’s story with empathetic understanding. Ani's compassionate viewpoint adds a nurturing lens to David’s journey of faith, resilience, and transformation.

The Book
Korean orphan kicked out from abusive family

His Eye Is on the Sparrow recounts the remarkable journey of Juhn Joong Ki, from a polio-stricken Korean orphan to the resilient figure of faith, David Pearman. Despite abandonment and abuse in Korea and America, his story is a powerful testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity
through faith and forgiveness. David invites readers to find echoes of their own stories within his words. Beyond a simple autobiography, David offers insight into  personal transformation and spiritual awakening, and also reflects universal struggles and the power of redemption. Key highlights of His Eye is on the Sparrow include overcoming adversity and disability; growing from loss to love; exploring identity and belonging, and finding inspiration through forgiveness and faith.

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Praise for His Eye is on the Sparrow

Some stories which bring so much pain when they are lived, nonetheless bring so much healing when they are told. His Eye is on the Sparrow is one of those powerful, poignant stories. No child should have to endure what Dave Pearman endured. It is a testament to the strength of his character and courage, and especially to the providential grace and kindness of God, that Dave’s hard journey, with all its twists and turns, is one that offers hope to the rest of us. This broken world, and maybe even your hurting heart, needs this healing story.

—Jodi Detrick DM, coach, mentor, speaker, author of The Settled Soul and The Jesus-Hearted Woman, former columnist for The Seattle Times


At a time when headlines are replete with misery and pain, this gripping, true story turns a narrative of suffering upside down, revealing hope. This riveting autobiography tells the story of an orphan who overcomes tragedy, trauma, and pain to become a successful husband, father, and businessman. Dave Pearman’s story is the answer to the question: “Does God respond to human suffering?” Starting with the first chapter, this story will grab you, crush you, suck you in, and take you on a page-turning journey toward redemption and faith.

—Rev. John W. Taylor, lead pastor, Surabaya International Christian Assembly; director Sumba House of Hope


The story you are about to read is one of survival, determination and God’s sovereignty. But maybe most important, it is a story of forgiveness. Dave Pearman’s story will inspire you to forgive, to survive life’s hardest times, and to know that God has a plan.

—Rev. Jeff Hartensveld DD, director, Asia Pacific, Assembly of God World Missions


David Pearman's inspiring story of an amazing life journey crosses cultural lines and shows how God's love transforms and heals in every situation. A “must read” book for anyone. I recommend it to everyone.

—Rev. Dave Kenney, Lead pastor, the International English Service (IES), Jakarta, Indonesia


There are few things more powerful than one’s story, but a story like David's leads the reader toward hope and healing that changes lives. Read it, share it, and be inspired.

—Dr. Eric Sandras PhD, professor, recovery leader, author,


Every journey takes us somewhere and we're never quite the person that we were at the beginning of that journey. His Eye Is On The Sparrow is a turning, twisting road towards the Journey Maker. It's a journey we are invited on by Joong Ki as he walks us through his early days of isolation, toughness, and stigma. It's a quest as Joong Ki becomes David Pearman and continues to take us toward a destination known by Him from the very beginning.

This story is strong, not only in the stark differences between the beginning and the end, but in the nuanced ways that changes come about and how “random” is really connected when we look back with David and see the dots joined together. His Eye is on the Sparrow is an invitation into David's life that also opens a window of reflection into our own lives. At the end of this memoir, you won't be the same person that you were beforehand, but you will know, in new and surprising ways, how His eye is on you too.

—David Thomas, training and curriculum director, EfeX English for Excellence, Surabaya, Indonesia

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